• High Volume Area Air Sampler
    • 2∼30 LPM 범위에서 일정한 유량을 유지한다.
    • 프로그래밍 기능이 있어 3가지의 시간설정이 가능하다.
    • 유량계가 부착되어 있다.
    Pat Numbers and Specifications
    AirCon-2 Samplers
    Battery Accessories
    Battery Power
    Battery Pack
    Power Mod
    Charger(120V &230V)
    Part Number
    No AC Cord Supplied:801000-1
    With USA AC Cord :801000-2
    With Euro AC Cord :801000-3
    Electrial Input
    Electrial output
    12Vdc, 13 AH
    3.4A@12Vdc (51watts)
    11.5 lbs.(5.2kg)
    2.1 lbs.(0.9kg)
    Overall Dimensions,inches centimeters
    Temperature Limitations
    Operating Temperature:
    -4 to 113(-20 to 45)
    -40℉ to 113(-40 to 45)

    *Battery-powered sampler dose not include a battery pack or power module ,which must be ordered separately
    **User selectable by internal switch.
    ***Battery replacement requres two batteries, part no. 700285


    Programmable AirCon-2 Sampler-Battery Powered (DC Version)

    This unit is identical to the AC programmable unit, except that it operates off a 12 Vdc battery pack, for completely portable sampling. In addition, it can be operated directly off the charger module connected to AC, with-out the use of a battery. Battery-powered Sampler dpes not include a battery pack and power module, which must be ordered separately.

    12v Battery Packs

    Available in 4-hour packs, which can be stacked on top of each other to obtain up to an 8-hour sampling period. A power module charger is required to charge the battery pack.

    Power Module Charger

    Provides rapid recharging of battery packs, whether the packs are inde-pendent or connected to the sampler. That is, it recharges batteries while simultaneously powering the sampler form an AC source. Batteries are fully charged on 14 hours (operational) or 8 hours (non-operational).

    AirCon-2 Samplers offer con-stant flow capability, over their entire 2 to30 LPM flow range, at back pressures up to 7 psi. flow is controlled with-in ±5% of the set point


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